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Roasters Espresso Bar

in downtown Forestville and next to Andy's Produce Market in Sebastopol


Sunshine Coffee Roasters is a small- batch, organic coffee company that was founded in 2004.  We consist of a wholesale roasting division and two retail Roasters Espresso Bars in West Sonoma County, California.

Being a small- batch limited production roasting company enables us to have absolute control over the quality of our coffees as well as service to our customers.

We source and select the finest organic green coffee beans from the world's most prestigious growing regions for our many custom blends.  After blending, they are roasted to perfection using a traditional, slow- roasting, "Old World" method that requires close attention to detail, discipline, and patience.

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Meet The Roasters


Neil was born and raised in Sebastopol, California.  He joined the Sunshine time in 2011 as a barista on our front lines.  His passion for coffee and connection to our customers was evident from the get go.  In 2015 he began apprentice roasting for Sunshine and since then has blossomed into a full blown Roast Master.  Today, Neil is head of production where he is in charge of green bean purchases, roasting, and making sure each store whether ours or our wholesalers are stocked with Sunshine every week. 


Neal was born in Antioch, California, and moved to Sonoma County in 2007.  He became intrigued with coffee at a very young age where he has been on the quest to make the perfect cup coffee.  He joined the Sunshine team in 2013 being a barista on our front lines.  After being able to pour the perfect latte and finish it with latte art, Neal began apprentice roasting for Sunshine in 2015.  Today, Neal is able to create a cup of coffee from roasting the bean, to pouring into a cup, and making the most beautiful free pour swan on top.

Roasters Espresso Bar

6656 Front Street

Forestville, CA

Monday - Saturday, 6am - 6pm
Sunday, 7am - 6pm


Roasters Espresso Bar

1691 Highway 116 North

Sebastopol, CA

Monday - Saturday, 6am - 6pm
Sunday, 7am - 6pm